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Three Men and One Woman on the Wrong Side of the Law, Doing the Right Thing

When the daughter of wealthy land developer Frederick Davis vanishes into Miami’s criminal underground, it’s up to The Librarians to ensure her safe return. They’ll find her, they’ll bring her back, and they’ll do whatever is necessary to fulfill their contract. They’re called The Librarians … because they collect overdue people, just like a librarian collects overdue books.

A private LearJet® touches down on the desolate runway of the Miami airport in Southwest Miami. Simon, the obvious leader of the three Librarians, steps out of the plane, exquisitely dressed in his Armani• suit, perfectly matching slacks and his very expensive Italian shoes, letting out a sigh of disapproval of the hot and humid weather. As he walks over towards the shuttle van, Slammer, looking like an Adonis wrapped in a tank top, jeans and boots, gets out and looks up, shading his eyes from the sun. Piling out last is G-Man, a ‘cool dude’ young man with platinum blond hair and yellow lens sunglasses. With his headphones, bright yellow shirt and orange pants, he is the only one who looks as if he might fit into the surroundings.

BRUCE BISPING ¥ Spring Lake Park, MN., Tuesday, 11/30/10] (left to right) Spring Lake Park High School Librarian Tori Jensen in the schools library.

While they don’t appear to have anything in common, this three member team is expert at getting to the bottom of things. They’re here in Miami to hit the streets of South Beach and blend in, to quietly “cheek out” whatever information they can about their missing target and secure her safe return.

Are they too late? The “top story” on the morning news announces the mystery murder of Irma Davis, the client’s daughter…

Written By:
Mike Kirton
William Forsythe

Directed By:
Mike Kirton

Produced By:
Global Pictures, Inc.

Executive Producers:
Anthony Rosamilia
Robert Nittolo

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